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China Electric Motorcycle Market
2020-10-12 09:10:35

Honda has only released its global strategic pedal model PCX 150 in China. This model, which is popular in China, has recently released 2020 models on the other side of the earth. The new PCX 150 has four different versions.

The main difference between the four versions is that they are equipped with different braking systems and different body colors. The power is still the water-cooled single-cylinder engine. The 149.3cc engine can provide 10.78kw (14.6ps)/8500rpm maximum torque , And 13.66N·m/6500rpm of torque.

The standard PCX 150 is equipped with a CBS linkage brake system, which has two color schemes: metallic gray and pearl blue.

The ordinary ABS version has only one metallic gray to choose from; the Sport ABS version adds the sportiness of the silver metal kit and the Drak Blue shade; the DLX luxury ABS version comes with a pearlescent white suit and is decorated with gold Brown tone.


PCX150 Sport ABS


The PCX 150 currently on the market in China is only available in the CBS linkage brake system version, and the color is only available in black and white. Compared with foreign high-profile and multi-color versions, it is a bit crude; and with the PCX 150 in China With strong performance, Honda may introduce the high-end PCX into the country in the future.

Although many car users felt that this model was overpriced when the PCX 150 was released, good quality control and stable quality are what they need more for Honda's loyal fans and those who trust Honda. So are you looking forward to the high-end version of PCX?

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