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Motorcycles can also pick big tasks! The Forbidden City is equipped with a fire motorcycle team!
2020-06-29 11:14:03

The majestic Forbidden City and the Grand Palace are short. The Forbidden City in Beijing, which is the essence of palace architecture, is the largest and most well-preserved ancient wooden complex in the world. Wooden structure, the most feared thing is fire. In the courtyard of the Forbidden City, there is such a group of fighters. They "stay in the Forbidden City, love the Forbidden City, and protect the Forbidden City." The sacred duty falls on the shoulders of each fighter. And fighting alongside them, there is our motorcycle!

   Several recruits, led by veterans, came to a small square behind the station to learn how to drive a motorcycle. "Slowly loosen the clutch, give oil, give oil..." As the veterans let go, the recruits drove the motorcycle alone away. This is a fire-fighting motorcycle with a fire extinguisher in the trunk. Every firefighter in the team must be able to drive.

To protect the Forbidden City, the squadron's fire truck is also different from other squadrons. Cai Rui told reporters that the squadron is equipped with Jeep fire trucks, fire motorcycles and battery fire patrol vehicles in addition to conventional water tank trucks, emergency vehicles, and ladder trucks. The latter vehicles are equipped to adapt to the special environment of Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City , In order to achieve the purpose of handling various emergencies more quickly and flexibly. Due to the high threshold, in some places that cannot be reached by motorcycles, the squadron also developed its own hose car, which can ensure that a car is laid with a hose of 150 meters. Now that there is a fire in the farthest corner of the Forbidden City, the squadron fighters can also ensure that the water belt is paved within 3 minutes.

   Although most of China's cities are out of the prohibition of motorcycles, in our capital, in the towering Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square, you can see motorcycles contributing a lot of power! Is this a motorcycle call to the society again, "Please remove the colored glasses for motorcycles!" Although the request to lift the "prohibition of motorcycles" is a road of a slow long march, but the public's views on motorcycles, but Can be corrected by these positive propaganda. Motorcycles should not have become "mouse cars", nor should they kill the entire motorcyclist because of the uncivilized behavior of individual people! How to improve the civilization quality of motorcycle drivers has a long way to go, and how to improve the impression of motorcycles in the minds of the public is also worth fighting for every rider!

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