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Squeezed out by foreign countries and created the first domestically-made motorcycle, why is Jialing motorcycle called a myth?
2020-11-20 10:36:17

There used to be an arsenal that, after more than 30 years of tempering, transformed into a large national enterprise, making China the world’s largest producer and consumer of motorcycles. It has put as many as 18 million motorcycles on the market and exported as many as 70 countries. More than that, the brand value is as high as 8 billion at its most brilliant time. It is the famous Jialing motorcycle.

Great attempt-the first domestic motorcycle

After 1978, "switching military to civilians" has become a major trend facing all ordnance companies in China. Sun Shoupeng, secretary of the party committee and director of the Jialing factory, proposed the idea of producing motorcycles in that era of backward technology.

At that time, motorcycles were a high-end product that was difficult to manufacture. The total output of the country was less than 50,000 units, and almost all of them were military products. This is not the same as the phenomenon of civilian motorcycles. However, the difficult external conditions did not extinguish Sun Shoupeng's fighting spirit. Soon after, a 7-person motorcycle preparatory team was established in Jialing, and then went to Yugoslavia and Japan for inspection.

When the motorcycle factory in Yugoslavia sought cooperation, it was met with unequal treatment. The other party proposed harsh cooperation conditions: the heart of the motorcycle-the engine must use theirs, and Jialing cannot enter the market where there are Yugoslav motorcycle sales points. In addition to paying a huge transfer fee, there is also a 1.5% technical commission fee, which further squeezed Jialing's profitability.

Since the two countries broke off diplomatic relations for more than 20 years, the other party even questioned that China does not have running water and that Chinese people do not ride motorcycles. This made the investigating team who went abroad for the first time to take a deep breath. After comprehensive consideration, Jialing refused to cooperate with Yugoslavia and went back to work on his own.

After deciding to do it on their own, the investigation team went to Japan to visit Yamaha and Honda's factories, compared the advantages and disadvantages of the two motorcycles, and found that Japanese motorcycles not only have a wide variety of styles, but also the quality. Excellent, the investigation team decided to order three Honda motorcycles and take them back to China for reference.

In 1979, Jialing recruited talents, established his own motorcycle research group, and planned to produce the first domestic motorcycle before the National Day within five months to present a gift to the motherland on the National Day. However, due to the lack of professional technology and materials, I can only follow the steps of the three motorcycles bought from Japan.

Soon the first problem came. As there was no domestic factory producing motorcycle materials, 80% of the similar materials on the market were not compatible. There was no precise surveying and mapping instrument, and all the fine materials removed from Honda motorcycles. They can only be drawn by copying.

Precision parts such as engine pistons are all hand-grinded by craftsmen bit by bit. Without plastic and rubber, workers use their shoes as raw materials. The effort paid off. Four months later, China's first motorcycle made entirely of domestically produced products was born. It was the CJ50, weighing 100 kilograms, and speeding up to 70 km/h.

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