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This motorcycle is so unique! The vehicle weighs 145kg + fuel consumption is only 2.7L, 149cc single cylinder 15 horsepower, only 12,000
2020-11-20 10:12:14

Motorcycles have become an important means of transportation for people, and strong demands have led to fierce competition in the motorcycle market, and many excellent models have emerged. Jiming Fryer, who "consides sports and family", is quite popular among knights. "King of the Family" Baofengyan CB190R, its loyal fans are all over men, women and children. When motorcycle brands are innovating, they must find their respective positions before they can hope to gain a foothold today. The Benali Xunlong BN150S I'm going to talk about today is really unique for this motorcycle! The car weighs 145kg + fuel consumption is only 2.7L, 149cc single cylinder 15 horsepower, only 12,000.

The Benali Xunlong BN150S is remarkable in terms of appearance, and its generous and generous body highlights its grace and luxury. The entire front of the car highlights the sharp style, rendering the noble atmosphere, the smooth side lines outline the original monotonous side of the chic and freehand beauty, and the several lines at the rear of the car make the car look full of three-dimensionality. The intricate and orderly front and the headlights are delicately connected, which can effectively strengthen the horizontal visual tension. The ordinary LCD screen can be made very futuristic on this car. The mirror can be adjusted 360° to minimize In the blind area of the rear vision, the fashionable wheel configuration makes the young spirit of the Benali Xunlong BN150S vivid.

Regarding power, the Benali Xunlong BN150S is equipped with a 149cc single-cylinder air-cooled engine with an electronic fuel injection system. The performance is fairly stable. The peak torque is 12.5 Nm, the maximum power is 11.3KW, and the maximum horsepower is 15Ps. The transmission mode uses the advanced 6-speed-chain transmission mode, which can bring silky and smooth speed-up effects. With the blessing of Benelli's first-level training skills, the transmission system and the engine are absolutely connected. Just twist the throttle slightly and it will explode with incredible power. Riders can accurately grasp the speed. In short, with the support of various power data, the power performance is particularly eye-catching.

The size of the Benelli Xunlong BN150S is 2095x770x1105mm, with a seat height of 780mm and a height of 175cm. It can basically touch the ground with both feet and has a ground clearance of 210mm. It is a medium level among motorcycles of the same class, matching 1345mm. The wheelbase can open the front and rear distance of the seat. From the perspective of driving and riding comfort, Benelli has worked hard to improve comfort. The seat bag is a relatively compact package, the material is not soft or hard, but the comfort is good. The suspension and chassis' filtering of jitter surprises me, so when driving on uneven roads, because the chassis is softer and the suspension support is better, the driver will not shake.

Regarding fuel consumption, the overall fuel consumption is as low as 2.7L (100 kilometers). The fuel consumption of urban roads is relatively high at 2.97L, which is mainly affected by congestion. On unobstructed highways, fuel consumption is only 2.45L. Comparing competing models, the fuel consumption performance is competitive. The 10L fuel tank is definitelysufficient.The low fuel consumption can help the Benali Xunlong BN150S winmany .

Benali Xunlong BN150S has only good performance in handling. The handle is lightly turned, and it is not a problem to operate with one hand. It will never go to the west. The chassis has good toughness, and it turns quickly without fluttering. In general, among the models in the same class, the Benali Xunlong BN150S has really good handling performance.

In short, the Benali Xunlong BN150S can stand out from the crowd in street cars. Obviously, it does not absolutely rely on its power advantage. It also has unique shining points in handling and appearance, which can meet the user's car requirements. At the same time, waiting for the configuration to have everything, compared to other competitors of the same kind, the price-performance ratio of the Benali Xunlong BN150S is really good. So for this motorcycle-Benali Xunlong BN150S, what do you think of its future development?

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